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Now seeking Field Crew and Sales Crew Workers for the 2024 season!

At Palmer’s farm, we love hard work, good fellowship, and great food.  If you are interested in an immensely positive and rewarding experience growing food and working on a farm this summer, come be a part of our team.  

For questions or to send a resume, please e-mail Neil Palmer at: Thank you!


Working at Palmer's Farm:  In their own words    

Life changing - Career Enhancing

“Without a doubt one of the most interesting, inspiring, and educational work experiences I have ever had. I learned so much more than I expected. I cannot recommend Palmer's Farm enough. It is what small sustainable farms should be: good for the planet, good for the employees, and good for the community." – Carolyn Wason

“Palmer’s farm was a great experience. While working there I gained friendships as well as a wealth of knowledge in farming and agriculture, as well as land preservation. It also gave me the opportunity to work outdoors and in collaboration with Neil Palmer who allowed me and my fellow workers to excel.” – Mario Siard

”Working and living on Palmer’s farm…was an experience that was rewarding, educational, and energizing." – Andrew Cunningham


"What I learned on the farm translated so much into what I have done, and what I plan to do throughout my life. I made many great friends and had one of the best bosses someone could ask for in Neil. It was a great job and I wouldn't trade the memories I have from it for anything." – Paul Spisak

"Not only did I enjoy working outside with my co-workers every day, but Neil and Marie really took me in as a part of their own family, which made my time on Palmer's that much more enjoyable. It's a summer I will look back on with elation for the rest of my life!" - Daina Grazulis

“My internship at Palmer’s Farm was awesome! It was about working together as a team, planning, tending the greenhouse, watching the weather, pounding in stakes, pruning, fertilizing, scouting for pests, stringing up plants, setting up irrigation, flaming,selling, and a lot of sweating. I think the most rewarding part was watching everything grow and tasting the fruits of all of our labor. I will take the experiences and the skills I learned and apply them throughout my career and life.” – Stephanie Sinchak

”I had a wonderful experience working at Palmer's Farm. I was able to push myself to do hard labor and also exercised my critical thinking skills to make sure each day was executed in the most efficient way possible. I felt motivated to present my best self in order to help make the farm continue its success. After working alongside Neil and the amazing crew, I feel that I am a stronger and harder working individual.” – Claire Jackman







We value the opportunity to provide jobs for members of our local community and beyond.  Some of the many faces of our employees include a mother working at our market to earn supplemental income for her family, as well as college-age men and women working in the fields learning the value of hard work and a rewarding work environment.  We value creating a positive work environment for our employees, which is one of respect, fairness, and dignity.

At Palmers Farm, not only do we see our community as important, it is our priority.  Please take a look at our Giving Back page to see the ways in which your purchase will directly help those in need.

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