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Biodiveristy  and Sustainability

As caretakers of the land and stewards of God’s creation, we are dedicated to a healthy and sustainable environment. Our approach to farming supports the natural balance of the complex ecosystem of our farm. 

We use a variety of all-natural fertilizers such as cover crops and animal manures and by-products, along with select synthetic fertilizers that enhance both plant and soil health.  Our Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Garlic are grown without any herbicides, and little to no synthetic pesticides.  We also do not use or produce any genetically modified organisms (GMO's).

Each year we progress more and more in our efforts to grow our sweet corn in the most ecologically sound manner possible. The use of animal manures, green manures, conservation practices, and pest monitoring strategies enables us to increase the health of the soil and reduce the use of chemicals.

Additionally, we foster biodiversity with intensive crop rotations, a variety of native grasses and flowering plants, and a wide selection of vegetable crops. Our landscapes provide an ideal habitat for beneficial insects like ladybugs and bees, as well as helpful animals such as snakes, birds, and bats.

We take great pride in our efforts to grow food for our community that is safe and healthy. We encourage you to stop by our stand this summer to enjoy our superior produce, and feel good about a farm that has its goals aligned with the greater goods of conservation and sustainability!

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